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400 Strands of Extension Hairs were used all over (top,bangs,sides&back) to create this full, natural look. A small hair clip was used to pull the bangs to the side until her own hair grew more length to her 1/2" of regrowth (approx. 2 months later all extensions applied to the top of her head and bangs were no longer necessary and removed)
Model 22 (This lady was growing back her hair and hated wearing wigs)
This client has tried over the counter "clip in" Extensions but felt they were too heavy and hard to maintain for every day use. She finally decided on the Eurolocs Hair Extensions for the most natural look and feel:)
Model 21 (Three shades of blonde were used to create this natural look)
This client chopped off her long locks for a "Posh Cut" to eliminate the damaged hair resulting from overprocessing! She ended up not liking her short "Do" and decided on Hair Extensions to get back her sexy look! First time Client
Model 20 (Highlights were added also with the Extensions to avoid further damage to her own hair)
Model 19
Model 18
This client has worn the  sew-in hair wefts before from another stylist. Hated them due to heavy pulling and had them removed the very next day! This is her first time wearing the strand by strand loc system and she absolutely loves them!
Model 17

This client has never worn extensions before. Mainly wanted to add volume to her recent "bad" haircut
Model 16
This client has never worn hair extensions before. Desired more length and volume to her curly hair. I was able to match her texture and color 100%! I also added highlights using extensions without adding chemicals to client's own hair!
Model 15

This client tried coloring her own hair and ended up with a chemical burn that made her hair break off on her sides and top of head. Added "mini" loc extensions and also added extensions to the back for added length and volume!
Model 14

This client has worn glue extensions before and wefts. Didn't like them as they were very damaging to her own hair. Switched to this system as it is non-damaging!
Model 13

You can see the added highlights with the hair extensions

This client has never worn extensions before! We added strands all over to give her the volume and length she was looking for! Notice "No Mullet"!!!
Model 9
This client has never worn extensions before! Wanted length and volume and also highlights/lowlights! Used 4 custom colors to blend with her own!
Model 12
This client has never worn extensions before! Added strands for volume and length and also "mini loc" extensions to the finer areas of her head such as her bangs and top of the head!
Model 11
This client has tried glue extensions before resulting in severe damage to her own hair! Had this system once before and regrets not sticking with it as it is non damaging!
Model 10
This client has never worn extensions before! Used custom texture strands to blend with her own hair. She can "wash and go" and her hair looks beautiful!!! No more spending an hour on drying and styling her hair!
Model 8
This client has worn glue in extensions before! Very unhappy with the damage it had done to her own hair! She is now growing out her own hair with this system!
Model 7
This client had tried the glue in extensions before with damaging results. She made a wise choice by choosing this system instead!
Model 6
Model 5
Model 4
Model 3
Model 2

Model 1



Please check back often for more before/after photos of actual clients:)