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Why you should hire me...

Hair Extensions are my specialty. I have 2-3 clients a week and I have yet to see Hair Extensions that look better than what I am doing. I don't don't say this to be bragadousious. The fact is, I just haven't seen anything better.

When it comes to Hair Extensions, most salons will have one or two stylists that do some kind of hair extensions. When you call you might get a "Um... yeah I think we have somebody who does that" over the phone. Few stylists truly specialize in Hair Extensions. Of those who do specialize in Extensions, there are an even smaller number of stylists that can do it well.

Frequently asked questions and answers:

Q: Will these Hair Extensions ruin my own hair?
A:  NO! This is the biggest concern from clients. The method I offer is the only non-damaging 
     system of those available today...PROVIDED they are applied and maintained by a 
     Certified  AND experienced Hair Extensionist such as myself. This loc system requires NO
     glue, NO heat and NO chemicals...therefore NO damage. Maintenance is suggested every 8-
     12 weeks depending on your own hair growth. Going longer than the recommended time
     frame may result in pulling of your own hair as your own hair will shed naturally over time
     resulting in less amount of hair holding on to each extension strand.

Q: Can I use hot rollers, blowdryer, flat irons and other hot tools?
A:  YES!!! You can use all of the above. I only use REAL human hair that can be styled like your
     own. You can also "air dry" these Extensions unlike other systems that require immediate
     drying to the scalp to avoid damage to the bond.

Q:  Can I continue to color/highlight my own hair?
A:  YES!!! Since the Extensions are REAL human hair, you can highlight and color this hair. You 
     can also use Hair Extensions to add highlights/lowlights to your own without compromising
     your own hair!

Q: How long do the Hair Extensions last?
A: The Hair itself will last you several years provided you take care of it as you would your
    own. Upkeep/Maintenance should be done every 8-12 weeks depending on your own hair

Q: How much does it cost for maintenance and how long does it take?
A: Maintenance can range anywhere from 2-4 hours depending on the amount of Hair
    Extensions you have in. The cost of maintenance is a fraction of what it cost for the initial
    visit since you already own the hair!

Q: How long does my own hair need to be for Extensions?
A: I have done Hair Extensions on client's hair as short as 1/2 inch due recent cancer
    treatments. These clients will use this system to grow back their own hair without 
    compromising the health of their new hair. Many of my clients will use these Extensions for
    approximately one year before removal. And how excited they are when they see their
    own healthy hair!!!

Q: What is the difference between the strand by strand method and the wefts/tracks 
A:  The strand by strand method is the BEST of all extensions available today; the only non-
     damaging method for your own hair. It blends in very naturally with your own  and it 
     can be styled in any which way you want without showing the locs.
     The wefts/tracks are a less expensive method for adding length and volume BUT 
     you are limited to certain hair styles to avoid showing the tracks. Also, it is not
     recommended for clients with thin hair as it will compromise their own due to the extra
     weight from the track. It is also not recommended to use on short hair as you will end up
     with a "mullet" look and NOBODY wants to look like "Joe Dirt"!hahaha
Q: I'm ready for these extensions. What is the next step? And how long does it take to       
     order/apply the hair?
A: You can contact me via email or by calling my cell phone to set up a FREE consultation.   
    Hair orders usually take 3-5 days unless I have your color in stock. Appointments for  
    application are usually available within two weeks unless I have a cancellation. DUE TO NO-    SHOWS AND MY BUSY SCHEDULE, A CREDIT/DEBIT CARD IS REQUIRED TO HOLD A

Cell# (714)713-1859