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The Hairlocs/Eurolocs Extension system is the safest method for attaching hair that results in the following benefits:

        Safe for all hair types, Hairlocs/Eurolocs was invented for fine and fragile hair and designed to
 be safe for years of use.

         Quick and easy to apply without heat, glue or sewing

         Even faster takedown that is painless on both you and your stylist

       •  Only the Finest Quality "Full Cuticle"  Spanish, Russian, Italian Hair is used from trusted sources for over 35 years

Easy On!
Easy Off!

                                                        Consumer Beware - Know The Risks

Other systems use glue and heated bonds to melt the extension into your hair, making the take down process longer than the application... not to mention the damage to some clients, who have fragile hair to begin with.
Braiding and Sewing can cause tension hair loss for some hair types our method is safe for all hair types.

Other leading methods use hot tools like this to glue the extension hair to your own hair.

other methods

 Warning Buyer Beware !

Hair that has not been prepared correctly or is bad quality  will cause major problems like this.

Glue destroys your hair!!!
Bad glue application

This is a typical glue application, very big glue bonds pulling fine hair from many areas.  An inexperienced application like this causes tension hairloss. Make sure you see a Hairlocs/Eurolocs  Certificate AND photos of past work during a consultation. This is Imperative!!! Be sure also those before/afters ARE that of the  stylist and not "stolen" from another extensionist's website! Too many Stylists will do so when just starting out OR if their work is terrible! Remember, Hair Extensions are an "Art",  not a job! Stylists that do Extensions on "the side" for extra money DO NOT know how to install properly and will damage your hair! Even if they are certified, that does not mean they are "good" at doing Extensions. Compare them to a Plastic Surgeon, there're good ones and there're BAD ones!!!