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The same method of application is used, the only difference is the quality in the hair. I usually only prefer working with the highest quality of Extension Hairs (which is fine 100% Russian Remy ALL cuticle Hair) but due to recent overwhelming inquries for a less expensive product, I now offer a less expensive alternative for those on a budget that don't necessarely want the best in quality of the hair but are looking to just add volume and/or length (due to bad haircuts, chemical breakage etc...). This alternative is also great for the younger adults/College Students that have never worn Extensions before and also for people that just want Extensions for a big event such as weddings, anniversaries, holidays etc...This hair is Indian Hair and still of good quality (I don't bother with cheap asian hair like many other stylists do) but this hair has been processed differently from my Russian Remy Hair and therefore won't have as long of a "lifespan" as the Russian Hair does. You will still be able to reuse this hair when you come in for your maintenance  but the quality of this hair will decrease over time and new hair would need to be purchased unless you choose to only wear them temporarely and remove them entirely within that one year!


                      Prices for this Hair Extension System:

For Volume only                                                                 For Length & Volume

50-100 Strands  -$275-$550                                                              150-250 Strands - $700-$1100

* current coupon special is for Russian Remy Hair Extensions only!