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This client suffers from severe hairloss on the top area due to a hormone imbalance. The new customized mesh hair piece was a perfect choice for covering her problem area.
NEW!!! Customized "mesh" Hair piece

Customized Integrated (pull thru) Hair Pieces like this one are available to fill fine areas on the top of your head where scalp is visible! These pieces are "loc'd" in just like the "Strand by Strand" Extensions and are therefore semi-permanent!  Maintenance is recommended every 4-6 weeks due to faster hair growth  in that area and also to avoid a "gap" between the scalp and the Hair  Piece. Hair can be washed and worn/styled the same as you would  with the Strand by Strand method.  Each Hair Piece is handmade from 100% European Virgin (all cuticle) silky human hair and is "customized"  to each client's needs.    They can be ordered in various textures, lengths and ALL hair colors.  Please call to schedule a consultation with me  so I can further assist you  in determining whether or not a "Hair Addition" is right for you!

Client with chemical burn
Hairloss due to hormonal issues range from the effects of pregnancy and birth control pills to an under/over active thyroid.
Hairloss due to hormonal issues

Please check back often for new photos of actual clients!!!